Recycled Nine Dollar Bicycle


I would have thought that the world’s cheapest bicycle would have come out of China. Don’t they have the worlds largest population of bicyclist? If not China then another over populated Asian bicycling enthusiastic country? Maybe even a country like Holland might have produced the woulds cheapest bicycle? After all they do have a reputation for loving their peddle power. But no, not Asia and not Holland was were the worlds cheapest bicycle was produced. It was Israel, a place where you hardly see a bicycle. At least when I was there I saw very few.

Produced by Izhar Gafni, an Israeli Kibbutznick,the bike is made almost entirely from recycled cardboard and can withstand wind, rain and sun.  I venture to say that this might be the first truly green transpiration vehicle. It also doesn’t hurt that the bike is very inexpensive. It costs Izhar only nine dollars to produce a single bike.

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