Meditate on G-d’s Embrace


Parshat VZot Habracha

And this is the blessing with which Moses, the man of G-d, blessed the children of Israel [just] before his death. why “and” this..? Why not just “this” is the..? There is a biblical tradition of fathers blessing their sons just before their death. Some commentators (I think Rashi) say maybe Moshe was trying to be a part of this tradition, in essence connecting himself to this tradition.
And is also a connecting word.

This week please connect (and meditate on) Hashem’s embrace (Hashem hugs you with the walls of the Sukkah) with a blessing of love. G-d’s external love for you.

-Everyone, hot a gut Sukkos, un a gut Shabbos. Zayn freylekhn
– Have a good Sukkos, and a good Shabbos. Be joyous.

Hisbodedus and other forms of Chasidic meditation are practices that I try to do regularly. Just find a quite place to talk to Hashem (Aibishter) as you would a close friend, or deeply think about a concept or idea in Judaism/Chasidus to try and fully understand it.