Our Connection To Where We Live

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My commentary on a Parshat Pinchas commentary by a Rebbe and Tzaddik

What jumped out to me in the the following commentary (click at end of this post to read original commentary) on Parshat Pinchas by the Tzidkas Yosef of Pittsburgh ZT”L,  is another example of how we must always stay connected to this earth and where we live.

While we must make every effort to create a holy place to dwell in, for both G-d and mankind, we must also remain connected to the place where one lives, as well as the wider world around us. Don’t isolate yourself from, or shut yourself off to, the wider world and the things that G-d has bestowed upon us. This idea is especially important for our leaders and Tzaddikm who must also remain connected to where they live and the wider world around them. This is so they can properly lead and inspire their followers that have to live and breath in not only the Judaic world, but the wider world as well.

This is just what came to my mind when reading commentary on parshat Pinchas by The Tzidkas Yosef , Rabbi Yosef Leifer of Pittsburgh. Maybe it is my strong Chabad influence, so I look at everything with a “Chabad” eye, but I see many similarities between Chabad philosophy and Pittsburgh Chassidic philosophy.  Pittsburgh Chassidic Movement

If you feel my commentary is a little off, please comment below.
Enjoy the following commentary by the Tzidkas Yosef . Click Here

As a note, I went to a Farbrengen tonight and the idea of staying connected to where one lives and shlichus came up more than a few times by the Rebbe of Chabad (in a video from the 80’s). What an inspiring night, with wise and insightful comments and insights from my Rabbi and mentor. 


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