Like most people, there are times in my life that I need to motivate. Motivated to take one more step, keep moving forward and not be tempted to lie down and take the worst of what life and society has thrown upon me. Sometime one has challenges that are small and can be overcome easily. Some even disappear with no action taken. At other times, no matter how hard you try, or don’t try, the challenge is just too great to let it sort itself out with little to no personal action.  Often, before one tackles these types of challenges, they need to be motivated, or inspired to  get the energy to face the challenge head on, and not stop until it has been conquered.

Below is a video I recently saw that has really come to inspire me and symbolise my struggles. It appeals to be on a raw emotion level. Maybe it will appeal to you as a motivational tool.

I also find that when tackling challenges, especially serious life changing or life pathway (derekh) threatening, one needs to be in the proper frame of mind. In the last few years I have come to realize that this frame of mind must be happiness. Unbridled joy to be exact. I have come to realize that if one is truly thankful for the little things one has, they can be happy, even when faced with challenging situations.  

Below is a video I recently came across that helps me to be, and stay, happy. I don’t know what the words mean exactly, but the images, tune and context (Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav) always helps me to keep a happy, positive and joyous frame of mind and spirit (neshama/ruach) every day.

These videos have come to me at a good time. Dank tsu Got (thanks to God).


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