Shomer Shabbos

From the movie The Big Lebowski featuring John Goodman as Walter Sobchak

Am I Shomer Shabbos?  I’m not sure what Shomer Shabbos means in its entirety, but I guess in my own way I am.

What does being Shomer Shabbos (or Shomer Shabbat) mean for me? Well, for starters, from Friday night sundown until late Saturday afternoon, I don’t engage in what I consider work.  I spend time with my family (family day) and attend Synagogue. On Friday night I have a special family dinner starting with the lighting of candles, the blessing over wine and bread and singing of a song or two, which my daughter really likes.  

Lately, my favourite parts of Shabbat is the Kiddush lunch and Farbrengen after Shabbat services on Saturday morning. I particularly like it when the lunch discussions around the table turn into one lively discussion about Chassidut and Torah. But, almost all of the topics discussed over egg, bread and chollent are of fascination to me, as I grow in my knowledge and observance of Judaism and Yiddishkeit. L’chaim!


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